Combining work with Exploration

Slowly my time in Tbilisi is coming to an end. Was the trip worth it? I think so. Mostly in terms of what it revealed within me.

Was it always easy and fun?
Definitely not.

Did I learn something?

One thing that I will try to keep going, is that instead of going to the closest (or most familiar) cafe to work, I find a new one that is relatively far from home. Then I “explore my way towards it” and only then do I start working. If it’s a cafe I already know, I just pick a different route to get there.

The exploration, the movement, the air and sun usually gets me in a very lively mood.
Especially if I really allow myself to wander and stray and take my time.

And the best part:
After I’m done working, I can explore my way back home.
And so, day by day I reveal more about a place that was previously more or less and known to me. I discover secrety, meet magical people and discover more about myself.

By now I can wholeheartedly say the following:

Life will surprise you.
But only if you let it.

Try it one day. What did you find along the way?

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