Cherished Memories of Love and Adventure

Some of my fondest memories with you involve our shared experiences and adventures.

I recall when we were in Bulgaria, washing a magical stone under the tutulage of a hermit living there. I remember a night in full moon there. We made love on his porch, surrounded by the mountains, enveloped in our love for each other.

In Berlin, we had an indoor picnic while watching the musical “Firebringer”. Our laughter filled the room. It felt like progress. And progress pleases the duck. On a winter day in Berlin, we discovered strange snowmen as we strolled through a forest blanketed with snow. I remember buying you your beloved plushie-dinosaur – Dino – in Barcelona.

Our travels also took us to Athens where we saw turtles in the park and admired ancient monuments steeped in history and culture. In Georgia, I witnessed your artistic talent firsthand during a paint-and-taste event; it was truly impressive.

We spent a lazy afternoon playing chess with an unusual set at Tbilisi’s botanical garden in Georgia. As we named each quirky piece, laughter permeated the air once again. A curious bird approached but hesitated to steal our food due to its fear.

Your passion for writing led us to attend Brandon Sanderson’s class together which inspired you to become an author – excelling at it just like everything else you do!

Your independence shone through as you started your own business creating websites, offers, coachings sessions courses workshops without needing anyone else dictating how or when should be done Despite occasional struggles remained strong young woman finding her path life journey fraught doubt yet undeniably beautiful.

I cherish the moments walking alongside dogs Greece protected until nearly reached safety home Together countless happy memories look forward creating many more

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