Becoming a Sanctuary

In the heart of a man, I yearn to be a sanctuary for the woman at my side. Let her seek solace in me when life’s burdens weigh heavy upon her, and may she depart from our shared sanctuary with renewed vigor and inspiration. To achieve this sacred refuge, self-awareness is paramount – an understanding of my own being and the state I’m in.

To be that sanctuary for another, I must first be able to become that for myself; embracing self-care as I recharge and cultivating patience, understanding, and kindness towards my own soul.

It is vital to convey such intentions to those around me lest they misunderstand my need for personal nourishment as indifference or detachment.

From this foundation of inner peace, I can extend a nurturing embrace to her and all who surround me. In welcoming arms shall she find respite without force or constraint; enveloped by an aura of patience, gentleness, lucidity, openness, serenity – drawing her nearer to physical touch and intimacy.

And thus we will both depart from this sanctuary reinvigorated with clarity anew.

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