A Warriors Ritual

This is a quick intro to one of the most transformative rituals for modern warriors. I remember doing various versions of this ritual when I was younger and strongly believed in heroes. Yesterday night I re-discovered it and would like to share it with all my fellow warriors out there.

I think the two most dangerous things that can happen to modern day warriors are the following: Being disconnected from our bodies and being disconnected from nature.

Both can happen quickly in our modern society.

This ritual creates an instant reconnection to both.

It instantly reconnects you with nature, your body, the current moment, as well as everything you need to follow your path as a true warrior in any area of life.

The Ritual

The ritual involves the following key components:

  • combat
  • listening
  • true action
  • ancient fear
  • the mystical realm

For it to work you need the following:

  • a secluded spot in nature
  • clothes you can move in
  • optional: a candle
  • optional: a warriors-weapon
    (e.g. I feel very drawn to the sword lately. But you can also do this bare-handed.)

This is how it works:

Go out at night and seek a secluded place in nature. A place that is very dark and where you are alone. It is important that this place makes you feel the ancient fear that we have always carried within us since the dawn of mankind. Deep, dark woods at night trigger this most strongly, but they can also be quickly overwhelming in terms of fear. So maybe you want to find something in between.

Find such a place and light a candle there.
This is your rituals ground now.

Now slowly raise your sword (or the warriors-weapon of your choice) and be still. Stand ready, fully alert and fully present. The ancient fear will definitely help you with this. You will automatically become very aware of the smallest sounds, the tiniest movements, the sound of your breath, the beating of your heart, the softest brushes of the wind on your skin.

Then make a choice to begin.

And from that point on, meet every outer impulse you become aware of with true action.

You hear a snapping tree branch in the distance – turn an strike in that direction. Then go back to stillness. Stay alert. You notice a small insect moving at the edge of your vision – twist and strike. Then go back to stillness. Listen. You hear a dog barking in the distance – step towards it and strike fast and true. And continue.

That is all that is needed.
Let your universe be reduced to the tiny circle of candlelight. Let yourself be surrounded by the looming darkness and its unknown shadows. Feel the ancient fear rising and stand tall despite of it. Trust in your strength and the wisdom of your body.

There you will align with your ancient warrior.
And all its qualities.

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