A Theory on the Dynamics of the Period

Here is an interesting little theory that me and my girlfriend talked about.

Her period just started and she told me that she started to smell more strongly because of the stress it creates in her body. We have noticed the same thing the last few times she had her period.

I never paid much attention to that particular change, because it never really disturbed me. But I did notice it.

What I did notice this time, was a greater need to be away from her and/or be alone with myself.

In addition to that she feels a stronger need for softness, while I feel a strong need for action and achievement.

In the past I have always shied away from I need for action in such times. I always thought it to be of utmost importance to be there with her in her softness in such times and thus ignoring (or hiding) my need for strength and action. And maybe that’s not very healthy, because I start lying to myself and to her.

Maybe what we both feel is very healthy for us both even if our inner movements don’t fit together. Maybe it’s biology telling us something important. Namely that it’s time to separate (if only for a while).

Maybe the period is a time where men and women should be separated.
A time where women turn inwards and soft, while men turn outside and strong.

Looking at this from the point of biology this seems to make sense. The period is not the time for making babies. Instead it’s a time for recovery and preparing for a new chapter/cycle. And that would mean it’s a good time for a woman to take care of her inner world, while a man takes care of his outer world.

Curiously, a few days before the period she felt strong and I felt weak.

There seems to be a pattern here.
And in this pattern there seems to be something valuable in it for every relationship.

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