A Place to be

Times feel tough again. And again its the same old story: Too much work and exposure to everything digital.

I’m having trouble connecting with others again. I’m doubting my descisions. I’m missing Mia, while not wanting to hurt Maria. I’m spending time with Clara, while often being elsewhere.

I think by now, I am able to narrow all of that down to one constantly returning issue: too much time in the digital realm. Once again I’m overloaded with information, things to do and too little time.

And there he is again.
The digital god.
Cruel as ever.

And every day I’m endlessly bombarded with contents from his holy book, which is most certainly a notebook. And a smartphone on top of that. And time and time again I lose myself in this avalanche of information.

Until there is no space left within me.

It doesn’t feel good. It feels draining.
And yet, every day I greedily come back for more.

Sometimes I wish for a place where technology cant reach me. A tiny hut in the snow, where I would sit and read and fish and make a little fire to warm myself at night.

That sounds like a place to be.

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