360° Business Mentorship

The first 1-on-1 business mentorship + tool-kit program for new starters who feel the call to follow their passion and create the life they want.

Available in:
English 🇺🇸 or German 🇩🇪 


What if you had [highlight]everything[/highlight] to start right now?

All the professional support, all the expensive tools, all the knowledge and experience – right at your fingertips.

What would you do?

My name is Nils. I’m a designer, developer and have been running my own company for 10 years. And every year I take 6 amazing people on a Journey to get their dream-project started the right way.

I invite you to watch yourself closely while you explore this content. If you notice a curious, excited & playful little spark you are probably in the right place at the right time.

I started this program for people like you: Amazing human beings who feel the call to follow their passion and create the life they want.

Are ready to take the leap?

🔥 360° Business mentorship

What you will get

You will embark on a 6-week-journey, packed with transformative 1-on-1 live sessions that will get you set for the business-world, the job-marked or as a new founder.

You will also get access to the most powerful tools for creating things online and learn how to use them. Unlock fascinating new skills and an unshakable inner frame of mind

In Short:​

Are you ready to create the life you want?
🔥 Meet an all-new you

What you will learn

You will discover what you really want to do, learn how to set that vision into motion and take confident action-steps towards it. 

Other Students learned:​

Are you ready to take action?

What if you had all the Tools you needed?

The Program is designed to empower you to take action. And that is not possible without the right tools. So I’ve just included them.

and many more

Total Value:


A Designer
A Developer
Who shows you

How to use these Tools

The Proof is Pudding

What Students Say​

I’m currently starting Season 3 of the Mentorship. Here are some voices and experiences of the amazing Students from the last two Seasons. Hugs to all of you!

"An impressive Concept! This needs much more attention."

- Paul, Australia

"Amazing value you provide here, Nils! A real fastlane for founders."

- Theresa, Germany

"I have made so much progress in last few weeks! Thx so much!"

- Laura, Germany

"Thank you for giving me confidence in my own skill. [...] I needed that."

- Sabrina, Sweden

"I'm so grateful I found this! Thank you so much for everything!"

- Toan, Norway

"It's the first time I feel confident my own skills. Thank you Nils!"

- Michael, Germany

Case-Study #1

Clara Louisemarie

The unstoppable sensual Entrepreneur

"Nils is amazing at seeing someone‘s potential & skills and at finding a way to transform their passion into a business. With his support I was able to create my first online course, make a beautiful, professional website and gain clarity on my goals and choices. He made the online world of websites and payment systems much less scary and gave me valuable encouragements. [...]"

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Clara Louisemarie, Berlin Germany

Case-Study #2

Verena Dzur

The creator of deeper connections

"When I started working with Nils two years ago, I had an unconventional idea: I wanted to create a card-game that would bring people closer to each other. Thanks to Nils and his great way to motivate, encourage and to light "the spark" in people, my dream became a reality. [...] I am firmly convinced that I would not have reached my goal so quickly (or perhaps not at all) if he had not appeared in my life at that time."

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Verena Dzur, Oldenburg Germany

Case-Study #3

Bünyamin Özdogan

The awe-inspiring crystal-magician

"Working with Nils has been an amazing from start to finish. He has this strange knack for discovering hidden (and sometimes unconventional) talents in people and I'm incredably grateful that he helped me discover mine. I always had this interest in handcrafted jewelery but [...]."

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Bünyamin Özdogan, Leipzig Germany

Your Mentor Designer Developer

My name is Nils. I’m a professional designer, developer and have been running my own business for more than 10 years. 

I also work with people a lot. I’m a work-life-enthusiast and an explorer of how to stay human in a modern society.

I have created this program because I believe in two things: 
Healthy human beings and empowering technology.

I believe in people that playfully follow their own inner wisdom. And I believe in technology that makes things possible. Combining both can change the world.

If you are one of the many amazing, talented and highly passionate people I constantly see around me: This program is for you.

Things I can help you with:
Things I can not help you with:

I’m looking forward to meet you.

Ready for the all-new you?

As with every season, I can only work with a maximum of 6 people at the same time. If you feel the call to get to the next level, send in your application today and reserve your spot. 


360° Business Mentorship

The complete 1-on-1 business mentorship + tool-kit for new starters who feel the call to follow their passion and create the life they want.

Available in:
English 🇺🇸 or German 🇩🇪 

Limited to 6 People

Not Sure? Let’s talk!

Applications close in:


100% Money back Guarantee

To make sure you feel comfortable working with me, you’ll get a full 7 days money back guarantee. Meaning: If you are not convinced after one week of working with me, you get your money back. 

Frequently asked Questions

Still have questions before getting started? No problem! I have answered the most frequent questions below to help you with your descision. But if you want to have a quick chat – just let me know.

I pay for these tools anyway. I use them extensively for my job as a developer/designer as well as for my own company & personal projects. I always make sure to purchase the “lifetime” & “unlimited” versions of these tools. These are expensive (and often not available anymore), but allow me to use them on unlimited personal projects and/or projects for my customers. 

When you purchase this mentorship, legally speaking you become one of my customers. So I can legally (and in good conscience) make them available to you.

No. I strongly believe that every founder is different in terms of personality, strengths, weaknesses and circumstance. Because of that, each sessison in this mentorship is a pure live and 1-on-1. 

While many other online-coaches see the (financial) value in group- and pre-recorded sessions, I do not believe in the approach. So there are no pre-recorded videos or group-sessions.

I respect that there is a lot to learn. Especially for new starters. That being said – I only expect you to show up and give things your best shot.

I do not expect you to work 24 hours a day, drop all other obligations or try to impress me at all cost. That has never been the point of this mentorship.

I only expect you to bring as much energy, attention and time as is possible for you, without risking damage to other important key-areas of your life. 

I train well-rounded inner athletes. People who show up consistently, strive to achieve beautiful things and feel the call to create the life they want. 

However I do not train “machine-people”. People who work hard for the sake of hard work, who put achievement above all else and are blind to the damage they do in the name of “success”.

My definition of a successful inner athlete is someone who consitently achieves fantastic things while being surrounded by peace and happiness.  

Absolutely. I have a “no-questions-asked” 7 day refund policy. So if you are not confident in the mentorship after our first week of working together, you’ll get your money back.

No. Although, if you want to create something in the digital space (which you should), it helps a lot to have a laptop available. Apart from that all the tools are included. 

Definitely! Your studies can be a fantastic time to start a profitable side-hustle or a small business. It can also be a great time to discover what your true passion is and how you want to make it available to the world. 

It can also be a great time to sharpen your skillset in a specific way and create an unshakable vision of where to go and what to do after your graduation.

Absolutely! I don’t think that working for someone else is bad in general. Having a job can be a source of great stability in your life.

If you enjoy your job we would focus on improving your professional standing and your salary, as well as on how to make your work more pleasant and effective.

That way you will feel much more confident and appreciated at work. And I count that as a huge win.
(And the higher salary certainly helps too, right?)

If you DON’T enjoy your job we would focus on creating a better situation for you. That could mean manifesting a new job, starting your own business or a combination of the two. 

We would work together closely to find out what you want your life to look like and then develop an actionable strategy to get there safely.

You do. Not having enough time is usually a matter of priorities. At the absolute minimum you will need one hour per week for the 1-on-1 live calls.

If you are not sure about this and want my honest oppinion, just reach out to me and let’s chat. 

Still not sure?

Not sure if the mentorship is right for you? No problem! Let’s chat and find out. I’ll promise to give you my honest oppinion. No obligations, no sales-talk, no pressure. Let’s just meet as human beings.

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